World League Of Wrestling FAQ

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World League Of Wrestling FAQ

Post by TK Kenta on Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:07 pm

1. What is WLW?
WLW which stands for World League Of Wrestling is an e-federation that concentrate mainly on RPs and creating good entertaining storylines.

2. Does WLW have shows?
Currently WLW has a bi-weekly show called WLW: Ultimate Wrestling which is on every second Saturday which will be posted on the forums. PPVs are not available at the moment.

3. What type of characters and storyline do WLW feature?
WLW will be diverse, from serious to the outright absurd, any character or storyline is welcome. And WLW isn't fully strick on the face vs heel story lines which means heels vs heels and face vs face can happen. WLW also allows not only original characters from users themselves, but also allows fantasy characters from the likes of anime, video games etc.

4. Can I join WLW?
Yes, anyone and everyone who wants to RP can join WLW. Just apply to the forums and post in the Wrestler's bio section.

5. I am not a good RPer and English is not my first language.
WLW does not discriminate, and as long as your a willing to learn and get better you are welcome to stay.

6. I thought this is a RP based fed? Where's the RP section?
The RP section is reserved for members only, guests will not have access to it but they will have access to the shows where all the RPs for the show will also be posted.

7. The graphics suck!
Unfortunately our graphic monkeys aren't the best.
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