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El Diablo Blanco

Post by El Diablo Blanco on Wed Nov 05, 2014 8:25 am

Wrestling Name: El Diablo Blanco

Shorten Name: El Diablo

Age: 19

Alignment (Face, Heel or Tweener): Heel

Weight Class (Lightweight or Heavyweight): Lightweight

Gender (Male, Female or neither): Male

Gimmick: Pyromaniac

Entrance (include description): El Diablo Blanco enters the ring in an unusual way. He slowly walks through the white fog with a torch, and lights the entrance floor (wooden panels hidden beneath the fog) to create a flame spectacle. He then turns around and walks backwards to the ring, keeping an eye on the flames all the way up to the ring, when he turns his attention to the opponent.

Wrestler Description (Pictures are optional):

Short Bio: El Diablo Blanco is a lunatic persona that not much is known about. He is usually portraying a pyromaniac gimnick, having his own entrance spectacle and having a tendency to openly callout just about everyone to an inferno match, his specialty. El Diablo Blanco is a solid high-flyer who might make a better showman than a performer, but he will not hesitate to show off his skills in the best possible light at any point in time.

Signatures (Include description):

Rain of Terror: El Diablo Blanco jumps from the top rope, making a full front flip before executing a hurricanrana, ending in a headlock hold than a pin.

Finishers (Include description):

The Human Torch: El Diablo Blanco grabs hold of his opponent's neck, making full body spins while holding firmly before ending it off with a modified cradle DDT.

Stats (200 points to spent on 3 stats, 100 is the max stat. This is for a wrestling match simulator.)
Brawling: 40
Speed: 60
Tech: 100
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